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Freight brokerage success begins with Brilliant.

At Brilliant, we create brokerage software solutions to the most challenging logistics problems by applying real world logic with cutting edge software design.

We do not waste our time or yours with useless tricks and overpriced gimmicks. Rather, we provide simple and effective answers to the problems freight brokers face everyday.

We haven’t done our job unless our brokerage software enables you to turn a healthy profit using good business practices to streamline sales, avoid risk, expand your network, and maximize potential.

If you need a cost-effective software solution for your freight brokerage, check out Brilliant Logistics Solutions' Brilliant Broker application.

Our free Brilliant Shipper application gathers critical information about Freight Carriers and presents it to you in a single snapshot with a single click.

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Brilliant Broker Freight Brokerage Software

Brilliant Shipper Freight Brokerage Software

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