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Our Brilliant Shipper application is a valuable tool for evaluating Carriers.

Freight Brokerage SoftwareCollecting the essential carrier safety and fitness data from the government can take a lot of time and a lot of patience. However, failing to check your carrier partners can end up costing you everything.

Brilliant Logistics Solutions' Brilliant Shipper application gathers critical information, up-to-the-second, and presents it to you in a single snapshot in a flash, with a single click.

All you need is the Carrier's MC/DOT Number and your free Brilliant Shipper account to access vital performance information about the Carrier:

  • Main address
  • Phone number
  • Active authorities
  • Insurance details
  • Safety information
  • Vehicle maintenance information
  • Brilliant Carrier Rating

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Brilliant Broker Freight Brokerage Software

Brilliant Shipper Freight Brokerage Software

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