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A lot of companies will try to tell you they understand what you're going through. Brilliant is the only company that can back that up.

Freight Brokerage using softwareWe started as a few friends that built a freight brokerage from nothing to a multimillion-dollar entity in the worst possible time to be starting a business. How did we do it?

We earned our stripes the hard way. We faced unexpected risks and had to overcome our industry's critical shortcomings. We succeeded where most fail with an idea, a simple one: Just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean there isn't a way that's better.

We examined how freight services are sold, what makes shippers keep coming back, and what risks plagued the freight broker that could actually be avoided by early detection and prevention.

We understand what the freight broker goes through, trying to earn a living on razor-thin margins and continually being left holding the bag when things go wrong. Don't let other logistics software suppliers tell you it requires an enormous up front investment. It doesn't. We learned how to make a consistent healthy profit in this industry and we made it possible for you as well, without breaking the bank.

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